Digital Death

GAME OVER.... PRESS START.... Screen shot from the Atari game BattleZone from 1980.

BBC's Radio 4 ran a fascinating piece on Digital Death earlier this week as part of their Digital Human thread. Alex Krotoski (who introduced me to the IGDA GASIG many years back) investigates what it means to live and die in the digital world.

"The distinction between our physical selves and mental states is a philosophical construction, but it signifies a line in the sand between those who believe our bodies make us human and those who define humanity by our thoughts and social lives. But after our death can our persisting digital selves continue our presence for those left behind?"

Many thanks to Mick Donegan of SpecialEffect for the link.

EDIT: I'll schedule a post for this nearer the time, but I very much like Kate Aherne's tribute to her sister Stacey who died in 2008. Kate has set up a site called Stacey's Serve-a-thon. It remembers her, whilst encouraging people to donate an hour of their time or an hour's wage to any good cause of their choice, in tribute to her memory.

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