"Game Accessibility?" Event Resources

Screen shot from Shenmue, with the main character Ryo staring at an Out Run arcade game. The in-game option asks, Play? or Can't Play? The overlaid text reads Game Accessibility? 15th October 2012. City University London.

Pinterest board (Game Accessibility resources)
Game Over! (The World's most inaccessible game)
Game Accessibility? (Power Point presentation)

The resources above support the training event hosted at City University London on the 15th of October 2012. Ran by SpecialEffect with support from Ian Hamilton.

The games on show included Konami's incredibly hard Badlands with accessibility switches and Valve's Half-Life 2 with closed-captions and distorted sound. We also used the Cambridge Simulation Gloves and Glasses and a real-time colour-blindness simulator.

Many thanks to Ziming and Wude of the Shenmue Dojo, for the original screen grab of Shenmue.

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