ExPlay '12: Accessibility Panel

Mashed up image of the ExPlay logo for 2012 mixed with a colour-blind test. Beneath are four symbols representing sight, (an eye), input, (a joypad), hearing, (an ear), and cognitive (a brain).

SpecialEffect's Top 5 Tips for Game Developers and Wishlist

Symbol to denote Game Accessibility Information. Please contact me for more details. More to follow on this shortly.

The resources above support the "Accessibility and the Practicalities of Inclusive Design" panel hosted at ExPlay '12 on the 1st of November 2012.

Moderator: Gina Jackson (Women in Games Jobs)

Ian Hamilton (Accessibility Consultant)
Lynsey Graham (Blitz Game Studios)
Barrie Ellis (SpecialEffect and OneSwitch)
Jemma Kamara (Aardman Digital)


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