Micro Sprint

Screen shot of one-switch race game, Micro Sprint. An overhead racetrack where you can see all the cars racing.

I overlooked Micro Sprint the first time I saw it, but that was a mistake. This is superb. It's a pure one-switch racing game for one to eight players (or up to two players with the free demo). It's not far away from Atari's Championship Sprint but far more accessible.

The entire menu system is one-switch accessible, activated by setting the "GUI AUTO CYCLE" to your preferred speed (find it in the preferences area). Even when you have this system on, you can still very comfortably use the mouse if needed for setting a game up, as it deactivates auto-scanning for a few seconds when you move it. Very nice.

The game has reconfigurable controls, various difficulty levels, practice areas and an excellent speed assist mode which I've not seen before. When switched on, you get a little green or red indicator that follows your car around. If it's red it means you need to slow down or you'll bash into the side of the track. A nice alternative to "auto-braking" which would take all the fun out of a Scalextric game otherwise. I also really like the way it indicates where your car is at the start of a race when you press your switch impatiently.

You will need good visual tracking skills to play this well on the harder levels as the cars are tiny. This is a great game, and well worth the current $2.49 asking price.

You can find more one-switch race games at the OneSwitch library.

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