Game Accessibility Guidelines

Game accessibility guidelines: A straightforward reference for inclsuive game design. Guidance, examples and advice on how and why to cater for gamers with disabilities and other impairments.

"Today sees the launch of a comprehensive developer guide to addressing the accessibility issues faced by over 20% of video gamers: has been created by a group of developers and experts, coordinated by Ian Hamilton, an accessibility and usability specialist with a background in game development. 

The website offers all developers guidelines on how to better serve the needs of gamers with a range of visual, hearing, speech, learning and motor conditions. The hope is that by highlighting the relatively simple changes needed, the games industry as a whole will be able to ensure that they quickly become part of its normal working practices."

Read the full press-release at Real-Wire. Really happy to have been a part-of this effort. Now lets hope it takes hold and develops further with the support of all with an interest in this field.

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  1. # Blogger Don Calaca

    Congratulations!!! Is a great guide, and very useful  

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