I absolutely love the Wii driving game solution above, created by Frank McGillan of Tectetra.org. This is the first time I have seen such a method for giving access to motion-control only games. A long standing problem for many.

The Wii remote is mounted onto a pivot point, which I'm guessing is the turning mechanism from a standard Remote Controlled vehicle. This presently gives control over a single axis of movement, which suits driving games very well.

Additional access is given to two buttons via surface mounted actuators, which I've only seen done before with a rare GameBoy Advance adapter (see page 6 of this article).

This is a brilliant solution, and offers up a number of exciting future possibilities... Could two pivot points be put in place to give control over the likes of PS3 Flower on a Six-Axis controlled game (see PS3 Flower around the 2:55 mark)? Could the actuator power be ramped up and used on public push-button devices (e.g. pinball machines, fruit machines, bank machines and so on)?

Link via MERU'S August 2012 Friend's Update. Added to the Accessible Gaming Shop.

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