GameBase Video Olympicks 2012

Really looking forward to the London 2012 Opening Ceremony tonight (not long now). The games have started already, and so has the SpecialEffect GameBase Video Olympicks 2012. A good clutch of one-switch, point-and-click, cause-and-effect and audio-games await.

Some of the one-switch playable games include: Boccia (will likely need assistance with aiming), Fencing, Olympics Squared (mix), Football, Sailing, Switch Skills Champions (mix), Swimming (may benefit from JoyToKey auto-fire to make easier) and Wrestling (support will likely be needed with choosing an attack).

Audio-games include: Blind Football and Tennis. The original Konami Track & Field also works for the 100m as a speed test.

Some of the point and click games include: Boccia (will need an on screen keyboard), Sailing and Wrestling.

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