D.I.Y. Switch Adapted Nerf Thunderstorm

NERF Thunderstorm switch adapted water pistol.

NERF Thunderstorm - inside adaptation.

NERF make some nice toys. Gavin Philips first brought Nerf Guns to my attention with his superb work at the Switch It Up (previously AbleGames) events.

Their Thunderstorm Super Soaker battery powered water-pistols are great too, and pretty simple to adapt for switch access once you know how. Here's probably the simplest guide I've written.

1. Remove all screws. Prise the casing open.
2. Drill a hole for your switch socket above the spring as pictured.
3. Carefully drill a hole at the bottom right of the battery compartment, as pictured (next to the blue dot), to expose the negative battery terminal.
4. Connect one side of the socket to the red wire, and the other to the exposed negative battery terminal.
5. Reassemble. Put the two long screws either side of the water cartridge.

Test. If there's any problems with constant operation, try removing the loose clear plastic rocker mechanism. Have fun!


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