2011: All Blogged One Switch Games

One Switch Games Blogged in 2011

1969-1976 - The first ever one-switch games?
Attractor - Puzzle game.
Badlands - One-switch laser disk vengeance game.
Blitz and Canyon Bomber games - Also see Retro Blitz.
Dance Dance Revolution - Adapted for one-switch play.
El Duelo - On-line Spaghetti Western gun duelling.
Fly Drive - Coin-op fly simulator!
Fly Guy - One-switch playable cartoon using 4Noah.
Fotonica - The final build of this out-standing free running game.
Ichi - Puzzle game.
MLB11 The Show - Tough baseball with a one-switch mode.
One Switch Games - A range of simple switch games.
One Switch Pinball - Pinball played one-switch style.
Portem - 3D world with mini-games to discover.
Run You F'ker - Sweary side-scrolling game.
Shenmue II - Duck Racing - Playable with a single press.
Space Invaders - Taito classic adapted for one-switch play.
SpecialBites - Christmas cause and effect games.
Vectrex Minestorm - Vector-scan classic made one-switch playable.
Water Melon Smash - Cause and effect activity.

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