Think Before You Click: "Amazon has generated turnover of £7.6 billion in Britain over the past three years without handing a penny to HM Revenue & Customs" - Sunday Times Business Section 08/04/12... Kew Books Ltd, owner of Barnes Bookshop, Kew Bookshop and Sheen Bookshop paid enough tax last year to pay for a student nurse - with your help we could pay for a teacher too.

The major downside of buying from Amazon in the UK. I'm feeling guilty...

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  1. # Anonymous rbpuk

    And when you buy a book on Kindle, and finally choke on Amazon's tax avoidance, measures, and wish to transfer those books to another e-reader you find you can not do so.
    Before supporting such tax avoidance try another e-reader. Nook was good until they withdrew from the UK. KOBO Is a very good alternative with the same direct download facility.
    Let's try and shame Amazon into more honourable behaviour. I no longer buy from them.  

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