UK Accessible Travel

SAAB 900 Turbo with lights on zooming away.

For disabled people wishing to travel around the UK, there's some fantastic resources at the Thurrock POINT blog. These include the brilliant Traveline, Changing Places, Direct Enquiries and some top inclusive communication links.

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  1. # Anonymous Deana

    Thanks! What a wonderful resource.

    We lived in the UK when my son was much smaller, so if a pram could get around, we usually could. Now that he's much bigger, and in a proper wheelchair, I've hesitated thinking of going back. But, this site gives some great if we could just get airplanes with accessible changing tables, we could make it over much easier!  

  2. # Blogger

    You're welcome! I wish I could help more with info on planes. It seems many people share your frustration:

    It sounds like Singapore Airlines might be the best bet from reading about.

    This might be of interest to others too:  

  3. # Anonymous Yukon Binoculars

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