MyndPlay: Fun Mind Games

Tug of War: Take on 5 of Britain's best in the ancient art of tug of war... but with a twist. Out Relax and Focus the competition to feed them dust. BEWARE: These guys are the masters of distraction!

London based MyndPlay have pulled off something I'd not experienced before Tuesday. Genuinely fun and enjoyable games for pure mind-control. Take a look around their App Store to get an idea, and keep an eye out for reviews at SpecialEffect's Accessible GameBase.

I'd love to see MyndPlay tie up with the genius Tim Hunkin as I'm sure the combination would be brilliant fun. I'd equally like to see Neurosky's Indiegogo campaign 'Trapped in my Mind' reach it's target, to support the development of mind controlled communication software.

Neurosky: Brain via Headset to Device


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