Ceefax was Here

I liked Teletext a lot, the free information service broadcast using analogue airwaves and converted into text on most British TVs. It's pretty much gone now. This was the people's internet long before most people got on-line. Prestel was more internet like, but barmy expensive. It brought colour-coded subtitles for programmes and instant-ish news, weather and entertainment.

It was how I discovered my eye-sight was getting worse (my brother mocked me for using the enlarge text option). It also had the funniest game site I've ever seen to date, Digitiser, which I still miss. Ah well, roll on the new wave.


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    I remember Channel 4's Teletext because it had a penpals service on it, and it was through that I met my first love at 16. I will never forget her - even though I've long since lost touch.  

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