Switch Accessible RC Tumbler Car

The video above is of one of my switch adapted Hitari Tumblers available in the OneSwitch shop. One switch to spin, and the other to go forwards. To my knowledge these are the most powerful radio controlled cars for use with accessibility switches.

In the spirit of balance and probably my bad business sense, here are some alternatives.

Enabling Devices have loads of adapted RC toys, such as their one-switch Disco Bus, two-switch Go Go Bus and four-switch Billy Fun Wheels. All seem a lot mellower than the Tumbler so great for those who'd appreciate something a little more sedate.

A new company to me, Adapted-Toys seem to have a few fun looking one-switch toys at decent prices. This stuff is firmly in the area of people fancying taking on the Do It Yourself route

And for more inspiration to go the Do It Yourself route this three-wheel adapted Turbo Twister stunt car is probably the most eye-catching of the lot.


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