Sip Puff Carnage

Liberator Sip-Puff accessible rifle shooting system.

Via Liberty Worx LCC: "The Spirit of America is alive and well in the hearts and souls of great Americans who care about their fellow man. The Spirit BloodBrothers at Liberty Worx LLC have created THE LIBERATOR, the ultimate chariot to the heavens for those with serious physical disabilities to celebrate their families' outdoor lifestyle with no restrictions."

What tosh! I'm no fan of guns, unless attached to a SEGA cabinet for shooting zombies or the type full of water. Liberty Worx seem to think it a good idea for disabled people to kill animals for fun with accessible guns and cross-bows. Can't say I agree. Their scan and select aiming system is quite impressive though. I was much more impressed by Hannable Haims' YouTube video of sip/puff pistol target shooting using parts from a 1960s car. Both systems look straight forward to make accessible using standard switches.

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