DIY Switch Access to Infrared Devices

Doro EasyHandle 321rc remote control adapted by OneSwitch for switch access.

Have just added a DIY guide for switch adapting the Doro EasyHandle 321rc. This device allows you to clone specific infrared signals from the likes of TV remote controls, and assign them to a switch.

There's only room in this remote for two-switch sockets, but by rehousing the guts of it you can give access to all of the available buttons (although six sockets is about the limit for reliable use I'm guessing).

So what can you do with it? Some quick ideas are: To give switch control over some of the Robosapien line of toys, control a train-set (such as the LEGO City Passenger Train - Set No 7938) and of course control many different types of TV and music remotes.

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2 Responses to 'DIY Switch Access to Infrared Devices'

  1. # Anonymous Thierry Danigo

    I already realized identical adptation on other remote control, but no with two switch with DoroeasyHandle.
    At the end of this article, you write "D.I.Y. Text and images PUBLIC DOMAIN 2012 -". I propose to translate in french this article for our publication. Are you alwright ? (naturally, I send you the pdf article). Thanks ! TD for Reseau Nouvelles Technologies APF  

  2. # Blogger

    Hello Thierry.

    Yes I'm very happy for you to translate it. Worth mentioning that as far as I could tell, you can only replicate quick on/off presses - not held presses. So for the volume adjustment, you have to keep pressing the button.

    I look forward to seeing your article. Best wishes.


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