Techno Talk 2011

Wii Fit board with Vivify wheelchair ramp.

Between October the 4th and 5th, OneSwitch (i.e. me) had the great pleasure of being invited back to be a part of the Techno Talk event at the Rare Breeds Centre in Kent.

Amongst some hugely fun and interesting activities going on, were a huge array of switch equipment that The Old Railway School had procured from various sources. There were switch accessible cameras, vertical pinball, a superb train-set, an inflatable Blo-Bot (in need of some TLC as it kept deflating) and switch adapted cuddly toys.

Gaming wise there was Whacka Monty Mole, Guitar Hero, Mini and full Golf, Switch Lanes bowling, Peggle, Forza 3, Fotonica and more. I was particularly impressed by the Wii Fit board that Will Wade (one of the organisers) had discovered and bought in.

Apart from getting my car locked in a multi-story car-park late at night, it was a brilliant time all round I felt. Long may it continue.

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