Atari Sesame Street Revolution (1983)

Atari Sesame Street launch poster from 1983.

Thought I'd post this up in the light of the new excellent looking Kinect Sesame Street game. Back in 1983 Atari launched a small range of educational games for use with their specialised "Kids Controller" aimed at three to seven year olds.

How mixing two of the best things from North America (Atari and Sesame Street) wasn't more of a success, I'll never know.

As far as I know, the Kids Controller was the first commercially available games controller designed with extra accessibility in mind. Can't decide on Cookie Monster or Big Bird at the moment, but one if not both will be available to play at the Replay Expo 2011


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2 Responses to 'Atari Sesame Street Revolution (1983)'

  1. # Anonymous Ian Hamilton

    Interesting to compare that to the switchblade!  

  2. # Blogger

    Agreed, and my C-SID too. That's certainly a very self-explanatory controller.  

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