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Love. This. Beautiful speed-sonambulism. I mentioned Fotonica back in October, and since then it's come on giant leaps. I highly recommending downloading, playing then paying out what you think this is worth.

On the easiest level, this still requires some pretty accurate timing, but for those who have it, this game is one of the best one-switch games ever made. Completely new since October is the two-player split-screen mode. I particularly like the ribbon trails that unravel behind you making it easy to see the path your opponent took whilst chasing them. Huge fun.

Small tip for those without super powerful computers: Go for the low-res and lower quality graphic options upon start up. They still look fantastic, and it's all much more fun smooth and speedy. For anyone going to the EuroGamer Expo from tomorrow, expect to see Fontonica there as well as SpecialEffect.

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