Hand Dance Pro

Looking at the old fashioned TV, I'm wondering if I've discovered the Hand Dance Pro a little late. Anyway, these are super expensive but use arcade standard parts, so should stand up to a good beating. Alternatives are the Mini DDR mat or building one yourself by hacking large on/off buttons to the contacts of a cheapo fold-up dance mat.

Read more at: Exergame Fitness, Cobalt Flux, Fitness Gaming, Motion Kids, Palos Sports and S&S Discount PE Superstore.

Update: Still available at this time for $499.99 USD (Product code CFHP1) according to Zak Wellard of Cobalt Flux.

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  1. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Worth mentioning that my C-SID and no doubt other switch interfaces, will allow you to connect accessibility switches to play most if not all Playstation dance mat games. It's also possible to rig up all directions to a single switch for one-switch play.  

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