Retro Blitz

Retro Blitz - mock-up title screen.

Did I say newer games in my last post? Well by a couple of years anyway. Blitz games, inspired by the 1979 Commodore Pet game Air Attack, itself inspired by Canyon Bomber were common 30 years ago. Understandably, much rarer now.

The premise is disturbed but if you can put aside the poor taste scenario ("flatten the city so that you can land your aeroplane"), it's not a bad little game.

You can play a slightly updated version called Blitz Bombing on-line, which is perhaps even more twisted with the Louis Armstrong sound-track. It's not true one-switch as you have to use left-click to start then SPACE to play. I'm looking forward to TCKSOFT's promised new PC and iOS version. Would love to see a more peaceful version, perhaps a bit more abstract, and pure one-switch.

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