The clip above shows off the VRAA! box I built for SpecialEffect a while back. It stands for "Variable Reverse And Accelerate", and works as a speed-limiter for both pedal and switch users. But why?

Well, a problem that turned up at road shows with the likes of Forza 3, is that some kids wanted the most powerful and impressive looking cars, but just couldn't handle the speed of them. The VRAA! box enables them to pootle around the track at 20 mph if needed but under much greater control.

This works well for free-driving, but led us to think of another wish for accessible driving games: An in-game option to set the speed-limit of your own car, and separately for your opponents. Until then, if anyone would like to know how the VRAA! box was built, feel free to get in touch.

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  1. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Quick parts list:

    MadCatz MC2 MicroCON Racing Wheels and Pedals (Xbox 360)

    4x Potentiometers (10K LIN 16mm)


    2x 3.5mm switch sockets

    1x On/Off switch


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