Universal Sling

A while back I had a grumble about the lack of hoisting standard in the UK, somewhat hindering the accessibility of public changing places, and hoists in general.

From that post, Alastair Gibbs of TPG DisableAids Ltd kindly sent me information of a part-solution. The Minivator sling loop converter set (pictured top - code MVS174) threads through the loops of Oxford compatible slings, enabling use on Arjo style 'clip' carry bar or tilting frame hoists. They come as a set of four and retail at £19.80 + VAT + £3.95 p&p.

I've been told by someone in the know that the ratio of hoists out in public use are around 90% Oxford style to 10% Arjo. I suggest that Arjo would be doing the right thing by phasing out their system with a dual-hook up method. Wish they'd consider that a "reasonable adjustment" for the overall benefits it would bring.

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