One Touch Music

The videos above demonstrate how repeated use of a single switch can be used to play pre-set and randomised notes.

The top video takes me back to one of my first accessibility experiments in 1994. The "Single Key Play" mode allows you to stumble through a variety of pre-set songs, a few notes at a time using just one key on the keyboard. I set this up with a big floppy Quickshot joystick so that people could nudge it to control the song themselves which worked quite well. The following year I built a hacked-up a wirey shambles of a switch interface to give people switch control. People seemed to enjoy it.

The second video is from the wonderful Fluid for the Sony Playstation. This has pre-set algorhythms that allow you to play all manner of instruments, and have them stay relatively in tune with the rest of the backing track.

I'd love to see some of these features make their way into the Skoog in the future. Fingers crossed.


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