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I had a request from a fellow called Mike Murach recently asking if I could make a radio controlled fishing boat more accessible. A what?! was my first thought. Well, YouTube turns up a variety of fishing techniques including speedboat, skidoo and helicoptor.

Unfortunately for Mike, I'm a Pisces, a bit of a hippy, and really don't like fishing. If you're not planning to eat the fish, then at the very least, you're annoying them. Hey, man. Don't annoy the fish!

Anyway, if anyone is interested in making a hands-free controller and isn't so sensitive to the fishes plight, taking inspiration from this hands-free Scalextric controller, this and the ASKA from South Korea, then please do get in touch with Mike.

If anyone can make a decent switch accessible way to play something like SEGA Bass fishing, or a decent one to three switch accessible pleasure boat, please get in contact with me.


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  1. # Blogger Matt Ward

    Cool post. One thing I do when fishing is to use my RC boat to control a fish finder. You can literally use an RC boat as a drone to move a fish finder to find the best places to fish. . So what do you think?


  2. # Blogger

    Poor fish, don't stand a chance!  

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