Terry Garrett Playing Blind

Terry Garrett posted this excellent video on his YouTube Channel. It shows just how important good audio design is when it comes to accessibility. Read more on Terry over at Wired.


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    Copied from Terry's page on this:

    1: I am using a nitendo emulator on my computer with a Xbox 360 controler. the monitor is there so you can see what is happening

    2: these videos, have been edited. I spend a lot of time still bumping around to figure out some places, but I hope I am leaving enough in, to show that I can progress through the game. and absolutely nobody is helping me while I'm taping these vids

    3: I do have screan reading software, so I can read the comments left. I also, tape, edit, and upload these vids myself.

    Also, if you haven't seen my Inside the Deku tree vid yet:

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