PS2 to PS3 converter: Last one standing?

PS2 to PS3/Xbox360 Joypad adapter.

Sony aren't very popular these days are they? They do have a bit of a history of being very heavy handed (remember Lik-Sang, anyone?) with non-conventional use of their PS3. They've bashed the accessibility of their own console since update 3.50, by making it very hard to connect alternative controllers to their console. They've also lost millions of people's personal details and likely credit card details too. Things have got to get better haven't they?

On the up side, there is at least one PS2 to PS3 adapter left that still works, available via the likes of eBay (search on "ps2 xbox 360 ps3 converter adapter"). Like the previously working Logic 3 adapter, hold SELECT then press UP to call up the XMB menu when needed. Please Sony, do the right thing and leave at least this one working!

Tip thanks to Bill Donegan at SpecialEffect's Accessible GameBase.

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  1. # Blogger Javier Mairena (AccessAble Games)

    There is also another one, a new version of GameWare adapter. I have bought it on Spain and have the same new shape that uk version:

    It works fine with PS3 updated. Web say that there are out of stock but in spanish physical stores have some, maybe in uk too.  

  2. # Blogger

    Cheers Javier. Also had this tip as a possibility from Sandra:  

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