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Game Accessibility and Web Accessibility Symbols.

Whilst working on the SpecialEffect Accessible GameBase ratings system, I've been scratching my head over one thing. What symbol might best represent Game Accessibility. Something you might see on the box or web-site of a game, that will tell you straight away, this game has accessibility features, and without too much effort, I should be able to find out more about them.

The internationally recognised symbol for accessibility is presently a wheelchair user on a blue back ground. This is an imperfect symbol of course, but what might be better? And what might be better to represent game accessibility?

Some really interesting concepts have come my way. Top left was a 1996 competition winner to represent Web Accessibility. Middle left is a very clever concept from Dimitri Gramenos explained from slide 187 here. The Pac-Man ghosts representing four categories of disability and the joystick on a wheelchair came from Richard Van Tol's efforts at

I'm still not sure though on what might be the best. Any other thoughts would be much appreciated...


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  1. # Anonymous xAD

    My thought was to use an iconic video-game symbol for empowerment - the Power Up - generically represented by a "P" in a circle.
    But then I put it into a standard handicapped sign in place of the wheelchair guy and it wound up looking like a Parking sign. :/  

  2. # Blogger Jim

    I think the problem is that no game -- or any other product/service/thing -- is 'accessible' to people with any given disability. That is, something may be screen-reader-compatible, but not single switch controllable. Ratings that don't take this diversity into account may wind up being misleading. And yet, a too-complex rating icon would not be as easily recognizable. Maybe we could use a table like the nutritional information tables on food packages, with an icon for eye, ear, etc., and some rough measure of high-medium-low accessibility for each.  

  3. # Blogger

    Thanks for the thoughts you two. @xAD - soon as you said P in a circle I was thinking Parking too! Want this to be an international symbol, so using letters that represent specific words likely won't work.

    @Jim Re. extra signs - that's in place here: - But also wanted something quick and all encompassing that points to the additional information. Something that says - this game has been rated for accessibility (becuase it's deemed to have some accessibility features) - and a way to find that info with the minimum of fuss.  

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