Enabled Gamer: Carl Thompson

Photo of Carl Thompson's D.I.Y. adapted Wii Nunchuk mounting system to make gaming accessible.

"Some people play videogames just for fun, and it's a perfectly legitimate reason. I'm a lot more competitive though, and this naturally means I want to win and be more than good at them when I play. Unfortunately, having a physical disability and the resulting reduced function of my hands often hinders my game playing ability.

One way to get around this is to play videogames that don't rely on hand eye coordination, and instead focus on story and strategy instead. Whilst these games are all well and good on some (even most) occasions, I still like playing the faster paced and action oriented varieties.

But as I mentioned above, I want to be good at these games and I want to win. So even if it is possible for me to relatively competently play a videogame that requires fine motor skills, I'm not satisfied with just being competent."

Read more on Carl Thompson's efforts to excel at gaming in his splendid blog "Working at Perfect".


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