Nanogames Marvelous May Sale

Image of Nanogames compilation of on-line accessible games.

"Subscribe to the Nanogames Newsletter and you could buy Nanogames in May for as little as US $1 (usually US $89).

The next version of Nanogames (Version 3) will be available soon so during all of May 2011 we are running a virtual clearance sale of the current Version 2. Each day of May, at a random time, we will dramatically drop the price on a limited number of the download version of Nanogames (normally US$89.00). On the 1st of May there will be a small number on sale for download for just US$1.00, then on the 2nd of May there will be a few more available for US$2. etc. Each day in May the sale price will go up one US dollar. eg. on the 20th May the sale price will be US$20.00."

Read more over at Nanogames. I highly recommend picking these games up if you haven't already. Can't wait for version 3!

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  1. # Blogger

    This just in:

    The Nanogames Massive May Sale has launched. I have removed the limit
    on the number of games available at the sale price and extended the
    US$1.00 special on the download version until the 7th of May to allow
    organisations to purchase during the working week and to allow for
    time zone differences.


    Dennis Asher  

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