Jerry Lawson (1940-2011)

Jerry Lawson with his Fairchild Channel F, pioneering video games console from 1976.

Video game pioneer, Jerry Lawson, sadly died on Saturday the 9th of April this year. He designed the first games machine with proper interchangeable cartridges with his 1976 Fairchild Channel F. I have the UK version (the Grandstand VEC) set-up in my lounge right now. It's still a lot of fun, and I love the hippy-fied Quadra-doodle.

Of accessibility interest, this machine featured games that typically offered a range of difficulty levels and the ability to pause the action. On top of this, the unique controllers can be used one-handed (if you wedged them between your legs), and of one-switch note this console featured the first ever one-button playable home video game with "Shooting Gallery".

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