Switch Progression Road Map

Top image of SEGA's original OutRun road map. Bottom image of SEGA's follow up OutRun 2 with a Ferrari skidded past the finish line, driver punching the air, fans waving their arms and 'GOAL' written above in huge letters.

The Switch Progression Road Map is a free to download booklet, released this year from Inclusive Technology. Written by Ian Bean, a man involved in some of the best switch related projects of the past 10 years such as SEN Switcher, this is a must read.

The booklet is aimed at improving people's switch skills through a structured step by step approach. Although there is a lot of focus on specific Inclusive Technology equipment and software (makes sense) the teaching practice can be applied across the board of switch accessible software and devices. You'll just need to do some prior research yourself to find alternatives, should you wish to.

On a side note, Inclusive are running a number of free information day work shops across the country. The next ones are on the 6th and 7th of April in London.

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