PS3 One Handed Controller Attachment

The 'Biotic Controller' above is a brace for a standard Playstation Dual Shock controller that makes one-handed play a possibility. I've seen a few controllers built in a similar way across the years, but this one is the most professional looking.

Why was it made? "My dad made this attachment so that my brother could aim and throw tactical nades!!" according to the video notes.

See more of this 'Biotic Controller' over at YouTube.

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  1. # Blogger GamePlayer

    connect @  

  2. # Blogger Jonathan Adams

    Pls tell me how to purchase one of these, I own a one handed ps2 controller w adapter, and it is worthless on some games.  

  3. # Blogger

    Have you thought about this:

    I'm pretty sure this can be done with PS3 too with the PS3 remapping equivalent.

    Alternatively, it's possible to remap your controller in a wide variety of ways if you have a Windows PC and Cronus Device to link to your PS3 - using JoyToKey to remap.  

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