Air Chair

France O'Brien image of many, many jet planes all with vapour trails, in a beautiful blue sky.

Reproduced from the MERU Friends Update newsletter:

"How can a family go on holiday if one of the children is disabled and needs special seating to travel by plane?

This is a conundrum MERU designed a solution to over 10 years ago when we developed the MERU Air Chair. 30 of these chairs have been made under license over the past 10 years enabling children with postural support needs to travel with their families all over the world.

MERU has one Air Chair in our workshops in Epsom which we have been lending to children like Evie.

However, there is always room for improvement, so after 10 years MERU is working with an organisation called Devices 4 Dignity to design the Air Chair MkII, and MERU would like to hear from anyone who has experience of travelling as a disabled passenger to help us with our new design."

Fantastic "Mr Blue Sky" image via Francis O'Brien.

Update: MERU have a dedicated page for their brilliant AirChair page now up on-line.

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