2010: All Blogged One Switch Games

Screenshot from Tales of Unspoken World. A monochrome dream like view across a forest.

One Switch Games Blogged in 2010

Accessible GameBase List - Swarm of one-button playable games.
Circus - Another 1970's arcade game funked up somewhat.
Drop Zone - RAF themed on-line game with one-switch-ish controls.
Fall - Frenetic platform game from William Pilgrim.
Fotonica - Wonderfully atmospheric 3D jumping platform game.
Gambler - Fantastically quirky mix of 5 mini-games set in the ancient far east.
Gamma IV Collection - Around 80(!) games, with a few of the best here.
Indie Kombat - Fish Fish Bang Bang vs. Fish Squid Time Machine.
Jazz Ball - JezzBall game of skill remade and niced up.
Mind F**k - Quite a fun two-player only game, if a bit rudey.
Missile Strike - Accessible Missile Command by Graeme Singh.
Olympics Squared - On-line odd-ball mini-sports collection.
Pebble - On-line stone skimming game.
Picture Puzzle - Another highly accessible Grame Singh game.
pOnd - Spooky game where your switch controls your breathing.
Puz - A colour matching puzzle game by William Pilgrim.
Shoot 1UP (Xbox 360) - Bullet hell game with excellent features.
Switch Curling - One or Two player Winter Olympic sport.
Switch Lanes - 10-pin bowling.
SYNSO Championship Edition - Ballistical-colourful game of survival.
To Hell With Johnny - 15+ Platform game with great accessibility features.
TIG Duels - Updated version of this one-switch fencing classic.
Zogan's Log - On-line 3D shoot-em-up exploration game. Impressive graphics.

Favourite Other Posts of 2010

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