Bundle of Wrong

Bundle of Wrong - donate once, get the lot and then some.

The Bundle of Wrong is a great concept. Pay what you like, then get the okay to download all of Rob Fearon's games. These include the wonderful "SYNSO: Championship Edition" with one-switch play compatibility.

What would your money buy? Firstly, some hugely fun and massively colourful games, some with a brilliant range of accessibility options. Secondly, you could also treat it as a donation towards his totally free "Fish Fish Bang Bang" demo and "The Ambiomat" one-switch art toy, in the hope that he'll carry on with this type of work. Thirdly, Rob's recovering from Pneumonia, and any donation would surely put a smile on his face.

Rob has made a massive difference to the world of accessible gaming, through the support of RetroRemakes and beyond. Please consider supporting one of the biggest advocates of accessible gaming at Bag Full of Wrong.

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