Sony Reduce Accessibility of PS3 Console

Image of a PS3 with the text, USE Prohibited, and in Japanese, 使用禁止, above the machine, linked to firmware update 3.50.
Ouch! Sony's recent firmware update (3.50) of their PS3 console has killed off functionality of some alternative controllers and adapters. These include all the one-handed and C-SID controllers I have sold that were supplied with a Logic 3 PS2 to PS3 adapter. Sony posted a consumer alert stating that some third-party rip-off DualShocks might explode, seemingly being the reason why they've cut out access with all manner of alternative controllers.

You can check through (a far from conclusive) list of controllers that now no longer work at the Forums. It's my understanding that HORI Separate controllers and eDimensional Access Controllers no longer work, and some Logic 3 PS2 to PS3 adapters too. Not good news.

Frankly, this is an awful move on Sony's behalf. I wonder if they realise that this update has left some players with no affordable way to keep playing on their PS3 consoles. I'm really hopeful that Sony will reconsider, and realise the importance of allowing access via alternative means, whilst they do so little to offer different ways to play. Also see the AbleGamers forum for more, and the Shoryuken Forum post on how to contact Sony to complain.

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    Apparently this Venom PS2 to PS3 adapter will enable the C-SID to work on a PS3 post firmware update 3.50:  

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    Should work with most one-hand controllers too, but watch this space.  

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    Here's a bit more on the story behind the reduction in accessibility:  

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