Orthros Joystick

"This video demonstrates a one handed controller that provides all of the functionality of the standard PS3 handset, but accessible by persons with only one hand. The one in this video is the first functional prototype.

The design is such that it can be used by left or right handed people, as in the final version, a switch on the back will swap the "shape" buttons from left to right, and the system buttons from right to left.
The bottom joystick is currently the [traditional left thumb-stick].... as I move the handset around, the ["thumb-stick"] moves under it.

At the moment there are 17 3.5mm jack outputs and two 9way "D" type outputs for the analogue joysticks. These will all plug into the LEPMIS PS3-SAP (Switch Access Pod). The advantage of this is that you can re-configure all of the switches, and swap the joystick around, as you see fit, to suit your particular needs of game requirements.

If you can't manage all of the functions, leave some of the functions un-plugged and use different switches or joystick for those functions. You could use the tilt sensor joystick SAP-TAS with your head for one of the joystick for example

If you need advice or assistance with aspects of your game access, get in touch, I am sure we can help you."

Taken from Geoff Harbach's YouTube post, where you can find full contact details.

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  1. # Anonymous Geoff

    Would just like to point out that the ORHTROS joystick if fully compatible with all hardware updates to the PS3 console as it pluggs into a LEPMIS PS3-Switch Access Pod, which contains a genuine SONY handset board.  

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