Xbox 360 Kinect Accessibility Round Table: Some Questions and Answers

Image of Microsoft's slim-black Xbox 360 with Kinect, flanked by symbols for a game controller and the universal symbol of accessibility.
On the 2nd of September Microsoft drew together some of the biggest advocates of accessible gaming to a round table event on Kinect, the Xbox 360 and accessibility.

I couldn't make it (expense and timing) and nor could SpecialEffect. Boo. But, we did submit our thoughts and some questions for the day. These are now shared over at the Accessible GameBase, alongside Microsoft's answers. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. My personal thoughts...?

Absolutely chuffed to bits that there is a small exponent within Microsoft pushing for greater accessibility in game development. Really happy that they ran this ground breaking round table. Don't think we'll see any massive improvements in accessibility this year, but who knows what's around the corner? Could be very exciting times ahead. Are Microsoft listening now? Will Sony and Nintendo follow suit? I'm hopeful.

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