One Switch Swarm

Image of a Crocodile flying a jet-plane, bombing some wild animals below.
Lately there's been more one-switch games than I have time to give my attention to properly. Thank goodness for the Accessible GameBase. Here's a swift list with a few of my comments...

AMAZE-O-Tron (PC): Simple, but really nice implementation of a maze game for various interfaces from TamToucan. The one-switch mode works very well.

Ashes to Ashes Zombie Cricket (on-line game): Good one for Halloween. Will require assistance to navigate the menu and between level option screens. Huge fun if you have a slightly sick sense of humour.

Blitz Bombing (on-line game): 1970's game "Air Attack" given a fresh lick of paint, and actually highly accessible once you get past the horrible amount of adverts. The aim is to clear a city of skyscrapers so that you can land your plane, whilst Louis Armstrong plays in the background. A bit sinister really.

Epic Coaster (on-line game): Also inspired by Canabalt, but with a fun fair theme. Probably a bit easier than Canabalt, and definitely easier than....

Hard Way (on-line game): Fast and difficult martial arts themed game also inspired by Canabalt. I found it plenty irritating to be honest.

Mouse Click (on-line game): Extremely simple race game. Gets very tough very quickly, but you're only in competition with your own scores.

Net Blazer (on-line game): Lone Basketball practice. Requires very quick timing skills. A huge jump up from Hoop Stars in difficulty.

Nano Ninja (on-line game): Fairly likeable retro martial arts themed game. Each floor poses a slightly different challenge, and a different way to use your one-button control. Requires accurate timing and rapid presses at times.

Prison Throw (on-line game): Another partially one-switch accessible Nanaca Crash rip-off. Needs mouse to navigate menus but SPACE BAR to play. Tap once to start power meter, then again to launch. Okay.

RetroVaders (PC): A re-jig of Taito's Space Invaders, including the ability to adjust the graphics to use Atari VCS invaders. Not bad.

Runnerby (on-line game): Very tough high-speed puzzle game.You can slow it down with CPU Killer to make a bit easier though. No great shakes.

Strap On Bomb Car (PC): Partially one-switch isometric racing game. Another game requiring quick reactions. S'allright.

Switch Lanes (PC and Mac): 10-pin bowling for one to five one-switch players. The best one-switch bowling game available. Perhaps a little expensive in the UK at $70+ (with a horrible exchange rate at the minute) but nothing to match it.

Wave Spark (on-line game): Race your ball across mountains, using your single control to activate gravity. Try it! It's pretty fun, if very basic, providing you can grasp the control system.

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