Fotonica and Tales of Unspoken World

Screenshot from Tales of Unspoken World. A monochrome dream like view across a forest.

A sepia vectorised pathway leading off to a vanishing point.

Dream-like just about sums up Santa Ragione's Tales of Unspoken World (see top picture). Placed in a monochrome world, your controls are simple (once started). Stand still and you'll hear all manner of strange sounds, tap UP to take a somnambulistic wander. Hold to run at super human speed. Hold SPACE to take a super-human flying leap. Wonderful!

Fotonica is the follow up to TOUW, this time with pure one-switch controls (SPACE bar) and beautiful Cinematronics inspired vector graphics. Play has been made much more game like this time around. Imagine mixing Tales of Unspoken World with Run Rabbit Run 3D and Canabalt and you'll be not too far away.

This is a work in progress, with more accessibility features to come. As is, this is a brilliant one-switch game, and better than Canabalt. Can't wait to see this with easier play options. Fantastico! 

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