18+ Accessible Games

Mind F**k by Auntie Pixelante. Two space women, staring each other out within a video game setting.
EuroGamer was fantastic this year, but the 18+ section was just full of games where you shoot people in the face. That's not grown-up stuff. That's just nasty. I would have liked to have seen some of the themes that film directors like Ken Loach and David Cronenberg run with, find their way into an 18+ gaming area. Especially considering how far some things have come since Pong in 1972.

These aren't quite what I'm talking about (I'm thinking more grown-up themes with Shenmue quality), but if you're 18+, give these two a look. Auntie Pixelante's 2-player one-switch game Mind [rude word] and Tembac's two-button racer Symphorophilia. You have been warned!

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