Sophie's Switch Accessible Toys

Image of Sophie Patmore using her switch adapted Thomas the Tank Engine set. A large helium balloon is tied to the train to make it more fun to use.
Close up of Sophie's set-up of two accessibility switches connected to a remote control unit. One to GO and one to STOP.
Left image: Close up of the Thomas the Tank Engine set-up with some of Sophie's favourite toys taking a ride. Right image: Sophie activating her switch adapted bubble machine, surrounded by bubbles.
Image of Sophie and her Dad squirting something (or someone) off picture with a switch accessible water pistol he adapted for her.The pictures have been re-published here thanks to Sophie Patmore's Mum and Dad from their truly lovely web-site, The Sophie Story.

Sophie's Mum bought a switch adapted Gazillion Bubbles Machine from me a while back, which I was really happy to learn that Sophie loved. Later, Sophie's Dad tracked down and switch adapted a water pistol himself (a Saturator AK47 from the looks of it). Most recently, they asked me to adapt a Thomas the Tank Engine train-set for switches, which you can see Sophie using above.

It does make me very happy to see this kind of stuff finding such a good home. Click on the pictures for more.

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3 Responses to 'Sophie's Switch Accessible Toys'

  1. # Blogger Adam Perry

    The Thomas set looks fantastic, what a great idea!

    Where did the remote control come from- can you buy a trainset complete with remote or did you make it?  

  2. # Blogger

    Cheers, Adam. If you search Google Shopping for "HORNBY R9280 THOMAS ELECTRIC TRAIN SET" I'm pretty sure that's the one. I'll double check with the Patmores though, and will leave a message here asap.  

  3. # Blogger

    "Looks the same – Sophie’s is a Thomas and Percy electric train track but still looks like the same box so I would imagine the same control.

    If you need any further info please just shout." - Via Annette  

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