Quasicon Axis Basile

Quasicon Axis Basile. Josh Basile grinning with his large Quasicon accessible game controller, positioned on his wheelchair tray.
Full overhead image of the Quasicon Axis-3 accessible arcade stick with analogue controls.
Closer view of the Quasicon Axis-3 accessible arcade stick with analogue controls.
Pictured above is the rightly chuffed looking Josh Basile with his Quasimoto built Quasicon Axis Basile (aka Axis-3). It took him many years of searching and testing before finally getting a game controller that suited him. I ran a few questions by Josh to find out more...

How did the Quasicon Axis Basile come about?

"I designed and customized this controller with the Quasimoto team based on my physical limitations and the type of games I like to play [e.g. Tiger Woods Golf, Madden, Call of Duty]. "

Are you 100% happy with this, or are there any adjustments you'd like made to it to suit you even better?

"This new controller has opened the door for me to resume my love for gaming. I am 100% happy with my new controller. I'm now working with Quasimoto to design a special attachment that extends the main section with all the buttons near an individual face in order to push the buttons with a mouth stick while freeing up an individual's hands to control both analog joysticks. "

If game developers could make their games more accessible for you, how might they do so?

"Game developers could provide more settings that word allow a user to customize what each button does and how each joystick functions. "

I can vouch for Quasimoto gear too. Superb build quality, and highly compatible with multple game platforms. Prices break down as $349.99 plus shipping for an Axis-1 or Axis-2, and $599 plus shipping for an Axis-3 (use www.xe.com to convert the currency). For all, you can request metal extension rods to the analogue joysticks (with 1", 1.25" or 1.5" balls on the end) for $13.99 each.

Added to the Accessible Game Shop.

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