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VTree's My Golf Game has been on my keep-an-eye-on list for some time. Well it's out and looks very nice indeed. Accessibility features include a range of input methods, including a one-switch mode (game-play only - not for the menus I'm sorry to say) and a range of difficulty levels. There's a promo over at AbleGamers to get a cheaper copy which can save you a few quid.

More golf accessibility? It's possible to play Everybody's Golf for PSone and PS2 in one-switch style (again without fully accessible menus) using a PC, emulator and 4Noah utility. For something much easier to get going, I'd highly recommend trying out the 2D mini-golf accessible classic Mini Golf 1-Button Style by Danjo, which is fully one-switch compatible.

For those thinking of producing their own accessible golf game, I recommend taking a look at the IGDA's GASIG's Top 3 Accessibility Tips for a Golf game.


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    "The menu's are not single switch but once you are on the golf courses playing 3,6,9, or 18 holes the game can be played using single switch. Set your player avatar at "default" playing mode and once you are through the menus and on the first tee just be sure to have the cursor over the "Click to start swing" box (it will highlight in Blue) and you can play though the match using a single switch. Thanks." - quote from vTree.  

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