"LIFE! It Must Be A Comedy"

Image of an Ornate marble surround, framing Robert Florio's book 'LIFE! It Must Be A Comedy. An image of Robert in his 20's with a paint-brush in mouth, with spikey hair and attitude. Above, a child-hood photo of him laughing.

Long term supporter of Game Accessibility, and life in general, Robert Florio is an artist, comedian and now novelist, having just seen his autobiography, LIFE! It Must Be a Comedy published. He's a really interesting bloke with plenty to say. I'm really looking forward to reading a copy.

A while back, my mother-in-law lent me a copy of  "No Man an Island", a biography of Peter Spencer, who also learnt to paint using his mouth. Peter, had a similar zeal for life, but written back in 1970, I'm guessing Robert's book will be somewhat more in your face.

Available from CreateSpace.


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  1. # Blogger RobertFlorio

    Thank you for posting my book. It was a long two years and reliving a lot of memories. I look forward to comments and questions if anybody might be interested. I'm happy to know my book is supported by industry leaders well-known athletes including David Perry and baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr.

    Now I know why people don't write books because it's a lot of work and a lot of personal feelings. What am I saying that's what a book is.

    I think this book and my story will do a lot of good for a lot of people. If you're ever in Baltimore maybe catch one of my comedy shows and tour for my book. Just go to my books web site.


    Robert Florio  

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