It's a Jungle - Basildon's threatened Spaces

Water-colour of Basildon green-land. Lots of vivid blues, and bright greens. Late Summer morning sun casting long shadows.

Love this piece of art, entitled "It's a Jungle", from Jet Stream Trader author and, artist, Roy Simmons. Linked to Basildon council's selling off of green spaces to pay for the town's new Leisure Centre. He added these words...

"It's a Jungle
to a 3 year old
and as important
as a Rain Forest."


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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Greenery is so important in so many ways.
    Ground-level Tories (I cannot call them grass-roots!)have ignored Mr Cameron's attempts to make his party more environmentally friendly.
    They still lag behind the Greens, LibDems and even Labour in their concern for the environment.  

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