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Fish Fish Bang Bang. Hugely colourful game screen shot, baddie fish homing in an Octagonal pattern towards the goodie gold fish in the middle.
I've been shabby in not reporting on Indie Kombat and the recent mash-up competition between two superfly one-switch compatible games, Rob Fearon's SY!NSO! and Farb's Fishie Fishie. I'll try to put that right here, as it's turned out two stunning new one-switch games.

Farbs concocted Fish Squid Time Machine, a game unlike any I've ever seen before. It's an Xbox 360 game for one to fifty players. It layers SY!NSO! and Fishie Fishie (and a flying donkey) where you can see bits of SY!NSO! underneath as parts of the screen get torn up. It's hypnotising, and available for a free demo run too, so you can see if you've got the tracking skills to play it.

Rob Fearon created the rival Fish Fish Bang Bang, taking extra inspiration from Vectrex classic Bedlam (love that game), Llamasoft's psychedelics and humour, and Chip Shops. This is a 15 level demo version for PC's and it's pretty wonderful. Highly accessible as is (again you'll need good tracking skills), the game will even play itself! I hope Rob, will offer a range of difficulty levels (keeping the current difficulty, as that's perfect for many), as I personally wanted it to be tougher. Sweet as, though.

Definitely recommend getting both games through Indie Kombat.

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    Latest version of Fish Fish Bang Bang, and call for thoughts and suggestions can be found here:,1947.msg38898.html#msg38898  

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