Switch Bowling Ramp

Image of a young woman to the side of a ramp, pressing an accessibility switch on her lap, triggering a switch activated bowling ball kicker.At last! Enabling Devices have a switch accessible bowling ball kicker on sale, that looks like it will connect to most ramps at bowling alleys. It runs off 8xAA batteries (not rechargable) and, from what I can tell, pushes the ball from underneath on the press of an accessibility switch. You'll obviously need someone to assist the player to line the ramp up as they want it (or use video-game mode, where the helper steadily adjust the aim left to right, stopping the second the player hits their switch or indicates 'Stop!').

If $449.95 is too much, or if they won't send to your country, you could always build your own. I've built one for about £10 before using a Golf-Putting toy, wood, metal and a lot of time. For more bowling ideas, take a look through the other bowling blog posts here.


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