One Switch Bowling: Switch Lanes

Image of one switch bowling game, Switch Lanes from SwitchInTime.comWish for something long enough, and sometimes you'll be pleasantly surprised. Switch In Time software have newly released "Switch Lanes", a 1950's themed switch accessible bowling game. They've kindly agreed to send me a copy, so expect to see a review with video up at the Accessible GameBase soon. I'm hoping for gutter-bumpers, but I don't actually know if they even have this facility in America. If not, they're missing out on bounce and strike fun. What the game does definitely offer though is the facility to shorten the length of the alley, which is a great idea. Watch this space...

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  1. # Blogger Antony

    Why is it so expensive ?! Given that any special needs kid will a) already have switches and b) be very likely to be 'in poverty', how can they expect us to pay out $75 for what is, really, a game from the 1980s?  

  2. # Blogger

    Because that's the price they thought would make it worth their while producing and selling.

    I feel bad selling the C-SID controller at about £250, compared to a standard controller being a tenth of that price. But that takes me three days to build, and lots of expensive parts.

    It's not always the case of people being ripped off, but it must feel harsh when specialised software and hardware comes in at such an expensive price.

    I won't pretend that these are as polished as Switch Lanes, but these are free and worth a try:  

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